What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is gaining popularity in Canada and it’s about time! It’s considered the National Sport of Thailand; it is also the single most devastating and complete striking style in the world. Conditioning is essential for Muay Thai training, and in both beginner and advanced classes you will experience what is possibly the most intense and enjoyable workout of your life. Every class you’ll work on new things; hitting the thai pads and focus mitts, learning new combinations, mastering your technique. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can test yourself against other students in light sparring drills and in the ring. All of this is done in a safe and sportsmanlike manner that will leave you pumped and excited for your next class.

Here’s what to expect from a Muay Thai Kickboxing Class:

-          3×3 min rounds of skipping or 15 mins warm-up (running, shadow boxing)

-          15 mins practicing basic technique

-          15 mins muay thai pad work (instructor led/demonstrated)

-          15 mins cross fighting/sharp shooting


-          Ask a lot of questions!

-          Always respect and protect your training partners!

-          Practice good hygiene! Wash your training clothes after each use!

-          Have fun! If you’re not having fun, why are you doing it?!

-          Take pride in your training and your environment!

Here are some basic terms and techniques you should learn!





Defending Punches

Defending Kicks

Defending the Thai Clench

Foot Work

MMA Team
Dynamic MMA Fitness Tips

    • Please come hydrated! It’s important that you’re drinking water throughout the day…BEFORE training.

      If you’re interested in leaning out, cut out the salt! Limit the starchy carbohydrates… stick with lean meats and protein, and save a starch for post-training meals… mmmm…you earned it!

      You’re not a kid… watch the sugar! We have some hidden culprits in the form of dried fruit. Try to stick with berries for your fruits (not dried)… nature’s candy!

      Fat is not the enemy! Good fats are in nuts, coconut oil, avocado and ghee… packed with great calories and keeps you satiated longer.