Welcome! Here at Dynamic Mixed Martial Arts our main focus is fun, fitness and technique. Whether we’re working with elite level K1 fighters, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA & Muay Thai champions or your local kindergarten teacher, our emphasis is on having fun. This is an environment where parents can feel free to come in and train with their children (we have a few father/son teams) right alongside someone gearing up for their next fight or tournament.

Our student base ranges from Librarians to Police Officers, from Fire Fighters to High School Students! Wherever your life finds you now, you’ll find a comfortable place to get fit and have fun; all while training with the most skilled fighters, coaches and athletes in BC.

You’re invited to train with us for a free week just to try out our environment. Train as much as you want, in as many classes as you can, to get a good feel for our team. You don’t need any gear to start, just wear shorts and bring a change of t-shirt; we’ll take care of the rest.

Every great journey begins with a single step; we were all beginners once.

See you at the gym!

Testimonials from our Members… and their kids!

- Personally, stepping in to MMA was something completely different for me. You’re always worried about Egotistical Gym’s, that not only aren’t going to train you properly, but look at you as just a dollar sign. Ryan’s MMA (formerly Dynamic MMA) was more then welcoming with the real family vibe. It’s nice to know, that not only Adam and The teachers, but the higher ranking belts really care about the development of all the athletes. The crew at Ryan’s MMA have not only made me a better fighter/athlete, but have grown to become people I care about. I can’t really picture myself going to another gym. - Kody Knight

- I like Dynamic because we get to spar and fight In tournaments.- Ethan Wong (age 6)

- I’ve been with Dynamic MMA since the beginning in 2007. It’s my second home. Everyone there are genuinely amazing people. The support you get from Coach Adam and the rest of the family, and I quote “FAMILY”, is what makes my journey in martial arts very positive and a success. Whether you want to train for recreational purposes or want to become a professional this is the place for you. You will get WORLD CLASS training and instruction every time you step through the doors. Now stop reading this and come out and try a week free!!!!. - Cedric Co-Ling

- Dynamic mma rules. Great fighters period. I get all the grappling lesson and training I need in 1 place, from a great teacher and awesome training partners. - Sina Razi

- I first came to Ryan’s MMA (formerly Dynamic MMA) very shy and nervous about taking my first class. Once I met the teammates and the instructors, I quickly realized that what set this team apart was that everyone was like family. Not only do we look forward to receiving quality training from instructors who compete on a world level but we also look forward to just coming to a place where the people are friendly, welcoming and helpful. The space huge and I have the ability to train 7 days a week. The monthly membership cost is a steal conidering the space, flexible schedule, instruction and friendships you’ll build. - Marianne Lisa

- Having just recently moved to Richmond, it took me quite a while to get used to my new surroundings. That all changed when I came to Ryan’s MMA for the first time. Everyone there welcomed me with open arms, and it felt like I was amongst family. The instructors there are awesome and very knowledgable, and there are no egos and no judgement. I am constantly learning new things every day, and going to train at Ryan’s MMA is the highlight of my day. - Tram Hoang

- For me, Dynamic MMA is more than just a place to train. While the instruction is excellent, the ppl I’ve met along the way are like family. What’s important to me is that theres always a good vibe; no egos. Everyone is super welcoming, respectful and the higher belts are always willing to help me with the techniques. We train together and play together in and outside of the gym. As a female I think finding a good, chill environment where u feel safe is important. Good people and a good place to learn jiujitsu with like minded folks . I consider dynamic my home away from home. - May Silab

- I think Ethan’s best testimonial is the video of his armbar in a BJJ competition…. there is talk… then their is doing what he has learned at Ryan/Dynamic MMA… at the young age of 6. - David Wong

MMA Team
Dynamic MMA Fitness Tips

    • Please come hydrated! It’s important that you’re drinking water throughout the day…BEFORE training.

      If you’re interested in leaning out, cut out the salt! Limit the starchy carbohydrates… stick with lean meats and protein, and save a starch for post-training meals… mmmm…you earned it!

      You’re not a kid… watch the sugar! We have some hidden culprits in the form of dried fruit. Try to stick with berries for your fruits (not dried)… nature’s candy!

      Fat is not the enemy! Good fats are in nuts, coconut oil, avocado and ghee… packed with great calories and keeps you satiated longer.